The Day I Got Kicked Out…

In the midst of supporting this worldwide healthcare crisis, I wish to do my part in easing the boredom of those who have to stay home.

I, myself, am forced to work from home, and have very limited opportunities to mix pleasure with business these days.

However, a few months ago, before pretty much the entire world was on lockdown (so to speak), I had the opportunity to do something naughty, but I was caught in a very bad way. As such, I am still paying for the consequences.

One of the reasons that I have not been updating my blog was because I had been more or less seeing someone. We were not exactly dating, but we did live together with some kind of an unspoken understanding (I stayed over at his place at Bukit Timah). The understanding was simple – Mike (let’s call him that) and I lusted after each other. We enjoyed fucking each other so much that we decided to make it “permanent”.

There were weekends when we would have sex all the way into the morning, and slept all the way til night. Only to refuel with takeout before resuming for round two (or 12), depending on who was keeping count.

But all that came crashing down a few months ago when I could not keep my pussy in my pants. Some of you who have been chatting with me know this already, but I have not really shared the details. Some of you have asked for all the details of what happened, and I have been coy about it. Well, since you guys are now stuck at home, with only your right hand and your dick to keep yourselves entertained, this is the story:


Mike had been working late all week, and that meant that our sex was reduced to quickies and blowjobs. On Wednesday, after I sucked him off, he fell asleep within 5 minutes, which left me soaking wet and partially frustrated. I understood why he was so tired – but I was forced to literally take matters into my own hands.

So the arrival of the weekend got me all excited because I had been looking forward to a hard, long fuck the entire week. It was not because Mike was always packing an 8-inch pleasure stick, it was how he always took his time to rock my socks off when he fucked me. Some might say, he got me addicted to his dick.

At about 5 pm, he texted me and said that he was going to have to pull an all-nighter – something about how his project needed to be closed by the following Monday. I was infuriated. I called Jin (my bitching buddy), who had a wicked sense of humor that always seemed to be able to distract me from the worst of times.

P/S: Jin was also my ex in junior college.

I invited Jin over for some drinks to keep me company, and hopefully, something more. Jin was a nerdy kid back in college. He made nerdy sarcastic jokes that made me laugh until I snorted. I enjoyed his company. I still do. But after almost 10 years, I wasn’t sure if things were going to be the same.

If there was one thing that I admired about Jin, it was that he was always punctual and gentlemanly. Within 15 minutes, he was at Mike’s place (where I was staying). It was either something in my voice that showed I needed him, or perhaps he needed me.

Jin was never one who cared about his appearances or what others thought of him. I was shocked when I opened the door for him, because not only did he clean up good, he smelled wonderful. Maybe I was horny, but the whiff of minty/manly cologne that smelled a bit like lime aftershave somehow just made pussy moist.

I tried to hide my arousal while I hugged him – to take a much closer whiff of that clean cool aroma. We let the embrace linger, as it reminded us of old times – with my hands around his neck and his around my waist. Behind his big brown eyes, I could see that part of him just wanted to lift my top off my head and ravage me. Plus, I could feel his hard-on pressing against my pelvic region.

Being horny as hell, I wanted the night to last. It was not going to end with a quickie, so I took my time. Ordinarily, I would have peeled his jeans down and started taking his cock in my mouth. Without taking my gaze from his eyes, I moved my right hand from behind his ear, tracking down his neck, down his toned chest and finally arriving at his raging pole. I said: “Well… someone really came up fast”

He smiled shyly, partly due to the fact he has a girlfriend, but also because he may have felt a tiny bit embarrassed that his huge dick was tenting his shorts. With my heavy breathing near his ear, I whispered that I am not letting him leave until I got to suck his cum dry. I unzipped his shorts and pulled his dick out of his boxers. It was as big and thick as I remembered, if not bigger.

He let is hands caress my butt while I stroked his member from the base to the tip. He was hiding his arousal well with his poker face, but his throbbing dick gave it away. We finally kissed – his familiar lips locking with mine. The familiarity was bringing back memories of the best fucks I’ve had. I wanted him bad, but I also wanted the night to last. 

He reached under my boyfriend T, and cupped my butt cheeks, signalling me to hop on as he planned to move to a more comfortable location. I wrapped my arms around him as he lifted me up. His hard dick was pressing against my wet panties. He carried me to the sofa and sat down. I straddled him while continuing to kiss him passionately. He pulled my top off, revealing my braless big breasts. He palmed my hard nipples and gave my breasts a good squeeze as I moaned in pleasure.

I had my eyes closed, fully savoring his wet lips on my nipples. I was in cloud nine. I lifted my arms up to give him full access to my boobs. Suddenly, he grabbed my wrists and started tying them with my t shirt. With my wrists now bound together, he threw me face down on the sofa. With one stroke, he pulled my panties down to my ankles and gave a hearty spank on my exposed butt cheek – I let out an excited moan. With that, Jin took it as permission to enter my dripping pussy with his thick cock. He got behind me and wet the tip of his dick with my pussy juices. Without any further warning, he slid his dick all the way inside my pussy, causing me to jerk forward and let out a shriek of pain/pleasure.

He thrust his dick in and out of my pussy at a steady and moderately rapid pace. His hips were continually slapping against my butt, causing my 32D tits to bounce and jiggle. Jin continued to pound me from behind as I moaned and screamed in pleasure. My pussy swallowed his 7 inch dick whole, squeezing his wide girth tightly as it slid in and out of me. Jin, normally a quiet guy, started to talk dirty to me:

“Hannah, you dirty slut… I am going to make you my cum slut.. Cum for me you dirty girl. Cum for daddy…”

This was a welcome change from his usual quietness. I must have been more excited that I thought as I came almost immediately as he continued to berate me as his cum slut. My legs quivering uncontrollably as he grabbed my hips and thrust his dick all the way inside. He rubbed my clit with his fingers as I came, extending my orgasm (or perhaps making me cum twice in a row… hard to tell).

I felt our combined wetness drip down my thighs. Originally, I thought he came inside me. But after he pulled his dick out, he was still rock hard! I realized all the liquid flowing out of my pussy was mostly mine and he had withheld his orgasm from me. I was a tad disappointed he had not cum, but was mostly impressed that he was lasting longer than I imagined.

He held my messy hair and pushed me down on my knees in front of his dick. With such close examination, his dick appeared monstrous. Especially since he maintains a good trim, making it look extremely large in comparison to my mouth. I was not in any doubt what he expected his dirty slut to do next.

He commanded, “Now, I want you to swallow my load like the cum slut that you are”.

Jin pushed my head towards his dick as I opened my mouth obediently, swallowing his dick. His thick cock was stretching my lips and with him pushing his dick all the way inside, I could feel him at the back of my throat. I could barely let out a yelp, as he started to throat-fuck me. He started to let out loud moans of pleasure as I raised my still-tied hands to stroke the base of his dick while I licked and sucked the tip of his cock.

My loud slurping noise was filling the room…

“Daddy, are you going to give me all your cum in my mouth?”. I looked up at him earnestly, wishing for every single drop of his cum.

“You little cum slut, show me that you deserve my cum”.

“Yes daddy, I will do as commanded. I am going to swallow all your cum like a good girl”.

I could feel that he was close to cumming as he grabbed the back of my head with both hands and continued to thrust at my throat faster and faster.

“Yes Hannah, you are gonna make me cum… Keep sucking me”

I obediently sucked on his dick as he slid his saliva-coated dick in and out of me. His body was tensing up, signaling that he was going to explode anytime now.

Surprisingly, he pulled out his dick from my mouth and with 2 full pumps with his right hand, he started spewing hot white cum on my face. The first shot went on my cheek. The subsequent load, a much stronger one, landed on my forehead. I had my eyes closed, but I could sense that he continued to jerk off for another good 10 seconds.

I could feel his cum dripping all over my face and on my boobs.

When Jin was done, he finally exclaimed, “Now, I feel like I have fucked a porn star”, which made me laugh, despite having a face full of cum. 

Note: Not my picture – just an illustration

I led Jin to the bathroom for a shower. He offered his gentlemanly services to soap and clean me up, after completely befouling my face and body. He lathered his hands with body soap and worked his way around his sticky cum. Being allowed to caress my body made him hard again. He cheekily hinted that since my boobs are all soaped up, we should not let it go to waste, as he pointed at his hard-on. 

I got the hint and got into the familiar kneeling position. He carefully placed his hard cock in between my boobs, which I happy squeezed with my big firm tits. As he started sliding up and down, I pressed my hands at the side of my breasts, and synchronized our up and down rhythm. 

He exclaimed that it was starting to feel really good and he doubt he could last much longer. I didn’t want to have to clean up again. There was no other place to cum, so I wrapped my arms and legs around him and let him slide his dick in me. 

“Cum in my pussy, daddy”

He happily obliged as he continued pounding me hard, letting our wet bodies slap against each other while his thick cock slid in and out of me. My screams of pleasure were echo-ing loudly in the cozy bathroom, letting out big “Ahhhhhhs” with each thrust. I grabbed onto his body for dear life as he continued to penetrate my love hole. 

With a few more thrusts, I started cumming, screaming in pleasure, which triggered his orgasm as well. He started convulsing and shot his 2nd load inside my pussy. After that, we finished our cleanup and said our goodbyes with a passionate kiss and long embrace. 

Now that all our “side story” is out of the way, back to the important part, my panties under the sofa. I had totally forgotten about it and fell asleep after the exhausting fuck. So when Mike came back the next morning, the living room smelled like cum and he woke me up to check for the source of the smell. We finally found my panties under the sofa, which exposed my tryst on the previous night. 

Long story short, Mike was furious and kicked me out of his house. I had to move back to my own apartment and we have not spoken to each other since, except when I went back to collect my stuff. 

22 Questions (…and some answers)

I know a lot of you guys have PM-ed me, and some of you have even approached my on Google Hangout to chat. Many of you have shown deep interest in my sexual preferences and characteristics. So I have compiled a list of most frequently asked questions so that I can save myself the hassle of answering them when you chat with me 😉

1. What is your favorite position?

I kinda want to say doggy, but I hate to be a stereotype. So I am going to say that I love getting pounded in front of a mirror doggy-style.


2. Do you prefer to spit or swallow?

If it tastes bad, always spit. But I find it hard to predict how it will taste before the guys cum. So I generally try to coerce the guys to cum on my face. They usually don’t mind, or sometimes even prefer it. 

3. Have you had a threesome?

Yes, several times. Only with 2 girls and 1 guy. Never with 2 guys. 

4. Have you had sex in public?

More often than I dare to admit. I started early in boarding school, where there was no privacy. 

5. Where is the most kinky place you have had sex in?

Tough call. The most public place I have had sex in was at a rooftop, but I can’t say that was the most kinky because it was mostly too hot and uncomfortable. So, I would say the most kinky place was the music room in boarding school. My ex and I did it several times in the music room and there was always risk of getting caught, which made it exciting at the time. 

6. When was your first time and how was it?

In secondary school, and it hurt like a bitch. To top it off, we had to clean the sheets from all that blood. 

7. Do you cum easily when you have sex?

No real basis to compare. I would say that the first orgasm is a bit hard, but once I get going, it’s hard to stop. Usually I cum at least 3 times. 

8. Do you squirt?

Not often. Usually I squirt if I use my trusty dildo. Very rarely from sex. 

9. How big are your boobs?


10. Have you ever gone out in commando?


11. What is the most number of times you can cum during sex?

Oh man… I lost count, but I think it was about 16-17 times over a 24-hour marathon. I was having sex on and off from 8 pm until 4 am. 

12. Are you clean shaved or waxed?

Shaved. Too much of a pussy to wax.


13. How many boyfriends have you had?

Real boyfriends… 3

14. What is the biggest dick you have taken?

Around 8 inches.

15. Do you wear panties when you go to work?

I only wear g-strings. 


16. Do you like BDSM?

I like being tied up occasionally, but I don’t like being hurt. I can handle some spanking on my butt, but I generally fear pain. 

17. Have you tried anal?

Yes, but read the above. I fear pain. Tried it, never again.

18. Do you like rough or sensual sex?

I like to think that sex is more mental than physical. If I get a lot of mental foreplay beforehand, I am good to go for some rough sex. In the absence of foreplay, I prefer some buildup. 

19. Have you done a strip tease before?

Yes 🙂

20. Do you like to give blowjobs?

Love it!

21. Have you tried group sex?

Maximum is a threesome, and I already find that overwhelming. 

22. Have you ever tried double penetration?



Christmas Special – Part 2

Chuck was still dazed from the ecstatic over-the-balcony orgasm when I led him to my suite. I grabbed hold of his arm and walked to my room like a girlfriend would. I think he must not have been able to believe his luck.

Upon entering the room, I noticed that he was starting to get hard again in anticipation. His giant hard-on through his pants is betraying his innocent nerdy look. But we had plenty of time for fun. Chuck lifted my black dress over my head, revealing my E cups that were barely supported by my V-bra.

With barely nothing supporting my breasts, Chuck made no secret that he desired my huge melons. I gave him permission to enjoy my body as I kissed him softly. His hands reached straight for my breasts and started squeezing them. He ripped the tape of my V-bra off. I was standing in front of him wearing my black thong while he was still fully clothed.

His 7-inch hard-on was pressing up against his pants. I moved to unbuckle his belt while he fumbled over the buttons of his shirt. I pulled down his pants and boxers at the same time, kneeling down in front of him. His dick was rock hard again and stood at attention, with pre-cum building on the tip.

I admired the fact that he got his dick up within such a short period of time after cumming off the balcony. I wrapped my tiny fingers at the base of his shaft and placed my lips around the head of his cock. With the tip in my mouth, I started licking, letting my saliva mix with his pre-cum. I let my tongue play with his tip for a while as I stroke his shaft. I looked up at him and he had his eyes closed in ecstasy.

He unconsciously placed his hand behind my head and started to push his dick towards my throat. I happily took his hard dick in, sucking it as I slide it in. He let out a short groan in pleasure. With my saliva now coating his dick, I started to bob my head back and forth, with my lips tightly wrapped around his dick. I slid his dick all the way into my throat and moved it all the way out, with the tips barely inside my lips.

I continued to suck on his dick as I pumped his dick in my mouth. I could feel his entire body tense up as he struggled to maintain his balance. I knew he was edging close to orgasm. I stopped sucking him and stood up. He kissed me vigorously, pushing me against the wall. Our tongues intertwined and I let him taste his own pre-cum. I could feel my thong soaking wet with anticipation.

I whispered into his ear that I wanted to watch him fuck me in the living room. I had used this suite before with one of my daddies and I especially loved the living room as it has a huge mirror on the wall. You could see the entire living room in the mirror. After positioning me in front of the mirror, Chuck bent me over the sofa. He pulled my thongs down to my ankles. Without any further warning, he shoved his slippery cock into my dripping cunt. I let out a yelp as I felt the full length of his hard-on inside me.

Chuck began pounding me like there was no tomorrow. I watched as my boobs bounced back and forth with each thrust. Damn, his dick felt so good. He grabbed my waist with his hands and puled my ass towards him while he thrust his hips forward. Listening to my butt slapping against his groin while his thick cock stretched my pussy was driving me crazy.

I did not expect it but after what seemed like another 15 minutes of pounding, I suddenly felt my entire body tense up. My pussy walls pushed his thick cock outside of my as I squirted all over the carpet. My body was quivering uncontrollably as I had a huge orgasm. I could feel my entire body spasm and I looked ridiculous in the mirror. But it felt too good for me to care.

It took me a while to recover my breath. Chuck flipped me around and started to kiss me. His hands groped my breasts and slowly moved towards my butt, indicating that he wasn’t done for the night. He lifted my butt up as I hopped and wrapped my legs around him. He carried me off to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. I welcomed him with my thighs spread open.

As he inserted his still hard dick inside me, I wrapped my legs around him and pulled his body close. After that full-body orgasm that he gave me, I could not have enough of Chuck’s thick cock. I loved that his body was rubbing against my clit while he fucked me missionary. I think all that humping was starting to take the toll on him as he slowed down just as I was about to cum again. I begged him to keep fucking me, but he could not keep up the pace.

I decided to take things into my own hands. I flipped him onto his back and climbed on top of his dick. After giving him a quick appreciative suck on his wonderful dick, I slid my drenched pussy over his cock. I started riding him with his dick all the way inside me, rocking back and forth. Chuck grabbed my hips as I ground my pussy against his dick. I screamed out in pleasure as I continued to ride him back and forth.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh…. aaaaaaahhhhh, Chuck… I love your big hard cock!!!”

I was drawing close to another squirting orgasm when I felt Chuck’s body tense up and starting convulsing as he let out a loud groan. I could feel his dick pulsing inside my pussy as he emptied his load inside me. Feeling the heat of the moment, I started to cum too. I screamed out in pleasure as I continued to ride him while I came.

I collapsed on top of him, kissing him appreciatively. After cuddling for a bit, we went to the bathroom to take a quick shower to clean up our carnal juices. Last thing I remembered was that I fell asleep in his arms.

The next morning, I was surprised when I woke up looking at Chuck’s morning wood tenting up the sheets. This man can really get it up. He still looked asleep, but his dick was ready for more action. I checked my phone and I saw Jake’s message to get my ass in office. I think this is just punishment for disappearing last night. He will probably give me a good grilling before pounding me.

I put on my garter and stockings to get ready, but Chuck woke up. I told him about Jake’s message but it would be really unfortunate to waste a good hard-on. So he had to settle for a blowjob instead. But not before he requested for a pic of my naked ass for his yank bank.


After making him cum all over the sheets, I got dressed and left him spent but contented, with a huge smile on his face.

Q&A Offer

Some of you have asked me a lot of questions and I am having trouble responding to you guys one by one. I would like to give the opportunity to everyone to ask away. Perhaps, I will compile all the questions and answer them in a post in the future.

Do submit your questions in the comments, or if you are shy, drop me an email at

In the mean time, have a good week ahead and hope you do not have any Monday blues!




Christmas Special – Part 1

I know I have been away for an extended period of time and I thank all of you for still visiting my blog! Rest assured that I didn’t disappear into thin air. This is a relatively old post, which I had typed out but didn’t get a chance to finish it. Hope you enjoy!

On Christmas Eve, my company had a Christmas Party and I was appointed the event coordinator. The company had decided to hold the event at a 5-star hotel and all staff were invited.

Being the person who negotiated the package for the event at the hotel, I was obviously comp-ed a suite at the hotel and I made it a point to put it to good use that night. Throughout the night, I was busy making sure that the logistics were carried out as planned and had to keep the alcohol flowing for the guests. However, every so often, I did catch Chuck (the IT guy) staring at me in my short bodycon dress.

I knew he must not have been able to stop thinking about our encounter a few weeks ago. He had caught a glimpse of my cleavage, and I had “accidentally” grazed his semi-hard dick with my elbow when he was helping me out with my computer. I went over to him to have a casual chit chat. He was visibly uncomfortable and I could see he was trying to hide his semi-hard-on while sitting on the bar-stool. I placed my hand on his thigh and stroked towards his knee and whispered to him suggestively that if he waited until the end of the night, he could have a surprise in store for him. Then I went back to work.

At around 12.30 am, the crowd started to die down and I could still see Chuck faithfully waiting by the balcony. I approached him and asked if he had a good time. He was a little tipsy, so he was not hiding the fact that he was staring right down my cleavage, even though we were overlooking a wonderful view of the city skyline late at night.

I was leaning against the railing, while he continued to face the night view, his hands resting on the railing. I saw that he was still semi-hard, and must have been holding it there the entire night, thinking of the nasty things he would do to me. I reached over to his crotch and started caressing him over his pants. His manhood immediately responded to the call to action. His bulge grew exponentially and to my pleasant surprise, he felt huge!

He placed his left hand over my waist and took a step closer. I continued to toy with his junk for a few minutes, stroking it over his pants as he closed his eyes in pleasure. I unzipped him and pulled his big dick out of his boxers. Damn, it felt like it was at least 8 inches . I wrapped my fingers around his thick girth around the base and stroked all the way up to the tip. I slowly moved up hand up and down his shaft while gripping tightly. His breathing quickened, and I told him that he better not do anything as there were still people around.

I continued to masturbate him, his dick pointing out towards the city nightlights. His dick was in fact, poking out of the vertical bars of the balcony. I felt excited at the thought of making him cum from the rooftop of the hotel all the way down to the ground. I stroked him faster and faster as he tried to contain his moans. I spit on my hands to wet it and started to rapidly pump his dick up and down.

He could not help himself and started to grab my right breast tightly with his hand as he approached ecstasy. I whispered into his ear and instructed him to cum for me over the balcony. My tiny hand continued to slide up and down his thick cock easily after adding my saliva. The thought of blowing his load from the rooftop must have excited him too as I felt his grip on my breast go rigid before his body started to convulse. I saw him empty his load over the rooftop as his white jizz dropped all the way down towards the ground, disappearing from our view.

He smiled and thanked me. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips, and told him that this is just Round 1. I told him to get dressed and follow me to my suite and to get ready for the real fun part.

To be continued…

Feeling Naughty…

Woke up this morning not feeling particularly sexy. But it is Casual Friday at work. I decided to go with a simple cotton deep V (which of my clothes is not deep V?) and a pair of tight pants that accentuated my ass. Perhaps, I may chance upon some excitement at work.

Jake is away on business meetings, so the office would be pretty uneventful. There was this cute guy, Chuck, from IT that I saw fixing one of my colleague’s computers the other day. I decided to call him over to have some fun. I emailed him that I was having some trouble with getting the formulas right on my spreadsheet. I was wondering if he could come over when he had some time.

Who could resist such a request from a hot damsel in distress? Within 1 minute, he was at my desk. His lean and boney features barely held his oversized T-shirt. What I liked about him was that he carried himself confidently, unlike most of the other shy IT guys.

When he approached my desk, he tried to engage in small talk, and I was surprised by his choice of humor. But we soon got down to business. I showed him my spreadsheets and explains my predicament to him. As he bent over my shoulder to look at my screen, I knew that he could look down my top and my D cups only partially supported by my black lace bra.

He awkwardly tried to focus on explaining my “errors” while catching a glimpse or two at my cleavage. I encouraged him by asking more questions and nonchalantly let my left elbow slide outside of my arm and against his thigh. He flinched at my touch, but as I continued to rent my arm against his thighs, he pretended not to notice and continued working his magic on my computer.

I adjusted myself in my seat and allows my elbow to graze his groin area. He pretended not to notice. But I could feel he was semi hard. After he fixed my formulas, he stood back up proudly and smiled.

I thanked him with a gentle touch on his arm and said “I will have to make you come more often”. Hopefully this encounter will give him something to wank off to. And perhaps, I will get to have some office excitement in the coming weeks.

Sunday Spanking

I dreaded having another lazy Sunday. I like being productive, getting up and doing fun and exciting things. Thought about going shopping, but I also dreaded having to brave the traffic jams and large crowds at shopping malls.

So, I woke up in the morning and texted Mafia Don (MD). I call him Mafia Don because I think he is secretly a mafia boss. MD claims to be a very successful business investor/venture capitalist. His generosity when it comes to pampering me knows no bounds. He is currently subsidizing the rental of my luxurious apartment and often drops by to have some fun.

MD is in his mid-30s and appears to be a family man. However, he frequently needs to release the stress accumulated from his line of work and taking care of his wife and two children. That is when he comes to look for me. Today was no different. Apparently he had an argument with his wife on Saturday night and was kicked out of the house. He texted me a 2.32 am on Sunday and asked if he could come over. But I was already asleep.

I saw the message in the morning and immediately called him, as I have not seen MD in a while. I was a bit excited, as bedroom activities with him is always exciting. He was at a nearby hotel and drove over quickly. I welcomed him with a hug and he returned it with a kiss on the lips, saying that he missed me.

Being wanted so badly by a rich and powerful man was a huge turn-on. He often tells me about how he fantasizes about me even when he is fucking his wife. He imagines cumming inside my tight pussy even as he cums inside her. Knowing that I can make him cum without even being in the room was a huge power trip and a great turn-on.

He wasn’t into whining and complaining today. I saw that he just wanted mindless sex to ease his pain. I was happy to oblige. Dressed in an oversized t-shirt with nothing underneath, my nipples were screaming for attention. But I wanted please my master today. I told him to wait in the living room while I change into something more comfortable. I picked out a pink see-through baby-doll that I knew would build his sexual appetite.

After changing, I beckoned him into the room, waiting for him innocently. Upon seeing my readiness, his eyes widened with lust and he gave an evil smile, which signaled that this was going to be a rough morning. I crawled over across the bed to him as he pulled me into his warm embrace. He kissed me sloppily, his tongue exploring the entirety of my mouth. I reciprocated with equally passionate kisses. His hands roamed around my back, stopping at my ass for a good grab, before continuing to my big breasts. He squeezed them hard, and played with my already erect nipples, causing me to moan in pleasure.

He whispered in my ear, “You have been a naughty girl, haven’t you?”. The raspy sound of his voice, calling me out for the dirty slut that I am sends tingles down to my pussy. I knew I was already wet with desire. MD pushed me onto the bed and proceeded to tie my hands together above my head with my t-shirt. Being restrained and helpless turned me on even more. He pinned my hands while he continued to kiss my neck, wetting it with his saliva. He nibbled on my earlobes, his hot breath and moaning was all I could hear.

MD continued his licking downwards, really savoring the taste of my smooth baby skin. I was a tad ticklish, but at the same time, it was driving me wild. He eventually arrived at my pussy. I willingly spread my legs, exhibiting my clean shaved pussy to him. He marveled at the view, pausing, before inching in, nibbling at my inner thighs. I quivered with anticipation, and let out a moan of relief when he finally started licking my clit. He sure took his time to enjoy his prize, as he lapped up my pussy juices.

MD was sure hungry today. He ate my pussy like it was the last meal he will ever eat. I was over the moon at his eagerness. I raised my hips to meet his licks as my moans grew louder. His tongue continued to flick rapidly at my clit, as my moans turned to screams. My legs involuntarily squeezed his head between my thighs as I came, my body convulsing uncontrollably and my screams filled the room. It felt like a full minute before I stopped convulsing, leaving my legs weak and my body slumped onto the bed.

Before I could recover my breath, MD crawled up from my pussy and started kissing me, making me taste my salty pussy juices. I was surprised at how wet I was. As he kissed me, I could feel his rock hard dick pressing against my wet pussy lips. 

I thought he was going to slide right in and start fucking me. But he had other plans. He climbed up on top of me and straddled over my face. His thick 7 inch dick stood at attention above my nose. With my hands still pinned above my head , I opened my mouth to take in his monstrous dick. 

Even with half his dick inside my mouth, I felt like gagging. I licked up the pre-cum from the tip of his manhood. MD slid it in and out of my mouth, and I slowly gobbled it up, wetting the entire shaft with my saliva. With each thrust, his rod slid in with increasing ease. I wrapped my lips tightly around his thick pole and sucked in the tip of his dick as he continued to pump his hard cock in and out of my mouth. 

MD was groaning and moaning with pleasure, seeing how helpless I was to his desires. I lapped up my drool on his dick while he continued his rhythmic thrust. His pleasure soon reached its peak as he pulled out his dick and started stroking it with his right hand. Watching him pleasure himself before my very eyes was a amazingly hot. I moaned for him as he continued his rapid stroking until he came all over my face and neck. 

“Oh Hannah, you are such a dirty slut. Look what you’ve done. Go clean yourself up.”

I obeyed my master and went to the bathroom to wash the sticky cum off my face. When I returned, MD was on his back, his dick semi erect after that huge load he just dumped on my face. I hadn’t been fucked in a long time and I wasn’t going to end today without at least 3 orgasms. 

I hopped on the bed and licked off the residue of his cum on his softening dick. After a few minutes of continuous coaxing, MD’s dick decided he was ready for Round 2. As he got hard, he peeled off my pink lingerie and G-string. He admired my barenaked body before he started devouring my full D cups. My nipples were still hard and sensitive from Round No.1. With each lick, he sucked hard on my my breast, which drew out a loud moan from me. After giving equal attention to both my boobs, I could feel my pussy juices start to streak down my thighs. 

He could sense my heightened libido. MD flipped me around and pulled my hips towards him. I could see from the mirror on my dressing table that his rock hard dick was about to enter me for the first time today. 

My pussy was so wet that MD had no issues sliding his entire dick into me. He started pounding me doggy style, his hips slapping against my butt. Each of his hard thrusts is met with an equally loud moan from me. His dick was feeling so good. Watching him fuck me from behind in the mirror was driving me wild. I moaned even louder for him. 

“You love watching me fuck you like a dirty slut, don’t you? You love that big dick in your tight pussy? Oh Hannah, you love being my little cum slut don’t you?” 

With each sentence, he gave me a hard spank on my ass. Watching him spank me as I laid helpless on all fours made me scream in both pleasure and pain. 

“Yes, Master. I am your cum slut. Please fuck me harder. I want all your cum inside me, Master”.

Hearing me call him Master must have put him into 5th gear. MD grabbed my hair tightly from behind and continued to pound me hard. He kept spanking my bare ass with each thrust of his hips. I was in pure ecstasy and I could feel my entire body tense up. His rapid thrusting continued and I felt my bladder swelling up until I came so hard and felt some of my pussy juices squirt onto the bed. 

The tightness of my pussy as I was cumming must have squeezed in his huge manhood so tightly that he came simultaneously as well. Our loud screams of sheer ecstasy filled the room and probably work the entire block. After his 2nd ejaculation, he laid on top of me breathless. I turned around to kiss him and wrapped my legs around his ass. 

I could feel his cum flow outside of my pussy. Man, was he loaded today. I knew he was done at least for now. I invited him to shower with me, which he gleefully accepted. We didn’t do much in the shower, just soaped each other up and kissed in the shower like we were kissing in the rain. The hot steamy water was getting us worked up again. Before we started Round 3, our better judgement came into play. It was already lunchtime and we were starving after those 2 exhausting rounds of bedroom wrestling. 

MD decided I deserved a reward for that amazing performance and pampered me with a luxurious omakase Japanese meal. After the sumptuous meal, he drove me back to my place. I thought he was going to drop me off, but he invited himself up for Round 3. We continued almost right after where we left off. He gave me 2 orgasms while he fucked me missionary style. Once with my legs wrapped around his waist and another time as he spread my legs wide open while he pounded my pussy. 

He asked if I could ride him as he was starting to get a bit tired from all that vigorous hip movement. I happily obeyed my Master. I straddled MD over his thick rod and slid it all the way inside my tight hole. I rocked myself back and forth and up and down, alternately rubbing my clit against him as well as pleasuring my g spot. As I increase my pace, he was enjoying my bouncing titties. He grabbed my waist and started to meet my gyrations by thrusting his dick inside me. I came 2 more times riding him cowgirl style. After cumming on him, I slumped my body on his and our sweaty bodies stuck together. He continued to pump and thrust his hard dick in my pussy and unloaded his 3rd ejaculation into my pussy. 

We kissed passionately as we laid there, his cum oozing out from my pussy all over his dick. We fell asleep and took a short nap and awoke to the sticky mess that we made all over my bed. I was dreading the cleanup that night, but MD called his cleaning lady to urgently take care of all the cleaning for me. What a sweetie. 

After dinner, MD wanted to go for one more round but my little kitty was feeling a little sore. I asked if he would settle for a blowjob and it was an offer that was too good to refuse. I sucked him off in his car in the carpark of my apartment. Instead of letting him cum on my face again, I jerked him off after sucking him close to his 4th orgasm for the day. He didn’t have much cum left, but his sperm still sprayed all over his car. MD said that the smell was going to remind him of my BJ everytime he drives this car. I smiled at him and decided to reward him for being such a sweetie pie today. I took off my wet thong and threw it at his face before getting out of the car. 

What started off as a lazy Sunday turned out to be an amazing cum-filled one that most certainly filled my appetite after a long dry spell. 









Boring Wednesday

It’s been a very dry couple of days. Work has kept me busy, and none of my sugar daddies needed my company. I had to take matters into my own hands. I was feeling extremely horny because I have not had an orgasm since last Friday.

Dressing up in lace and silk always gets my juices flowing. Today, I decided to go with my lavender baby doll and a matching silk robe. I stripped down from my over-sized t-shirt and admired my ample bosom in the mirror. Then, I slowly put on my sexy lingerie. Even as I was putting it on, I could feel myself getting aroused.

I laid back on to the bed and got comfortable. It has been a while since I had sex with Jake. Seeing him in the office daily and imagining taking his dick inside my tight wet pussy was left me wanting.

Jake loved toying with my pussy. I took out trusty my pink rabbit and started to slide it up and down the slit of my moist pussy. It felt like Jake’s dick was teasing the outsides of my pussy. I turned on the switch and boy, the vibration felt good. The soft vibrations were muffled by my pussy lips as I pressed the vibrating tip against my clit. My pussy was growing increasingly wet with my pre-cum.

I sneaked the tip of the vibrator in, just like how Jake would normally tease me. Sliding the tip in and out of my pussy just made my craving for dick a lot worse. I could no longer wait to take Jake’s big dick inside me. I slid the vibrator all the way in, putting the rabbit in contact with my clit as the vibrating tip massaged my g-spot. The combined pleasures was bringing me to heaven.

Thrusting the vibrator in and out of me quickly made it feel like Jake was pounding me missionary style. I steadied the quick thrusts and raised my hips to meet the vibrator as I slid it in. I was really getting worked up with the constant thrusting. With the dual pleasures of the rabbit against my clit and the vibrating tip against my g-spot, I could feel the pressure against my bladder as my orgasm drew near. I stuck the rabbit all the way in again and held it against my clit. I was going crazy with all the pleasuring and within a few seconds, I squirted out onto the vibrator and the bed.

Surely, after such a long dry spell, one orgasm was not going to be enough. I turned around with my face on the bed, positioning myself for penetration doggy-style. I continued to pleasure myself my sliding the rabbit in and out of me from behind. I love getting fucked by Jake from behind. Fantasizing about Jake pounding me from behind made me moan loudly.

I was ready to squirt again with the continuous thrusting of the pink dildo. I grabbed my left breast and squeezed it over my lingerie. I felt the hard nipples over the baby doll and started rubbing them in between my finger tips. I started to lose all conscious thought as my mind just wandered into fantasy land where Jake continued to pleasure me from behind.

I pressed the rabbit against my clit once again and the strong vibrations sent pleasures throughout my body. My body completely tensed up and without any warning, my knees buckled as I had a second super orgasm for the night. I laid down in bed with the vibrator still in my pussy.

The two orgasms tonight was amazing and I promised myself that I am not going to wait this long again before letting Jake fuck me. No amount of masturbation is going to beat the feeling of a hot muscular body sweating against my big breasts as my pussy gets pounded. I made a mental note to make sure I get some dick inside my pussy this weekend. Damn, it has been a dry week.


Friday Lunch Quickie…

I am happy that it is Friday again. Decided to go with a boat-neck top that is guaranteed to draw lustful stares. But Jake is not going to be available tonight as he has some social business function that he has to attend.

I decided to make my own plans. I texted CK in the morning about dinner plans. He proposed to have lunch instead. Honestly, I thought that we were going to just have lunch. I haven’t seen him in a while, mainly due to my fully packed schedule. Plus, I think all this fucking is taking the toll on me.

But it is Friday, and I need a dose of orgasm (or two). Jake was not going to satisfy me tonight. So I texted the next best thing. I call him CK because he wears Calvin Klein boxers all the time. At least every time when I remove his pants. CK was a rebel from a wealthy family. While he works in his family’s business, he probably does nothing there because he is the boss’ son.

That is why he can play hokey on a Friday afternoon to come hang out with me. We met up at our regular cafe, but it was surprisingly quiet today. The nice thing about CK is that he was extremely pleasant to look at. His hair was always somewhat messy but in a cute way, and his smile was sweet and dashing. He also wore very nice cologne and dressed sharply. He always began our meetings with a compliment on my dress, which is arousing because he notices that I put in the effort.

We hit it off like old times even though we haven’t spoken for weeks. By that, I meant he was his usual flirty self. And I reciprocated by touching his arm when he told a funny joke. Maybe it was because I had no plans for Friday night, but I gave CK a doe-eyed look that said, “I want you inside me”.

I knew he would never be able to resist. He quickly took care of the bill and we headed up (the cafe was located inside a hotel) to a room. He held my hand as we walked to the room.

After entering the door behind me, he immediately bolted the door and grabbed me from behind. He kissed my neck as he fondled my breasts. CK spun me around and pressed me against the door as he forced his lips onto mine. I welcomed his tongue in my mouth by returning his sensual licks. I could feel my pussy getting wet as his hardon pressed against me.

He lifted my lacey dress and started to rub my clit against my white G-string. Upon realizing I was wearing a G-string, his eyes widened with lust. He deftly pried my panties aside and entered my wet hole with one finger. CK went straight for my g-spot and rubbed against it slowly, making my thighs quiver.

Without me realizing, he had already unzipped the back of my dress. With a quick slight of hand, he unhooked my strapless bra and my boobs sprung out against his chest. I was taken by surprise a little, but he peeled my dress off my shoulders and exposed my waiting breasts.

He lowered his licks down my neck and towards my nipples while he put another finger inside me. His aggression in toying with my body, coupled with my back pinned against the wall kept my juices flowing. With each thrust of his fingers into my pussy, I let out a moan and bumped my ass against the door.

Anyone outside our door could judge by the rhythm of the banging on the door that we were having a good time. I pulled his T-shirt off his back to reveal his stunning body. I ran my fingers all over his well chiseled chest and abs as he continued to make me moan heavily with his fingering.

He returned to hiss my lips and placed my hand on his bulging groin. I rubbed against the length of his hard cock underneath his pants. CK had an average sized penis, but he really knew how to use it. I unzipped his pants and revealed the familiar Calvin Klein wordings on his boxers. His erect penis was tenting up his boxers. I could see a wet spot at the tip of his dick, which must have been his pre-cum.

CK pushed my dress down to the floor, along with my wet G-string, revealing the entirety of my sexy body to him. He grabbed my butt and pulled me close to him and lifted me. I hopped onto him, wrapping my arms and legs around him. He carried me to the bed and dropped me. He quickly slid down his boxers, allowing his dick to spring into action.

He automatically put on a condom, as I always insisted for him. He usually goes for the extra-lubricated, ultra-thin type, which doesn’t really feel too artificial inside me. After he put on the condom, I spread my legs, inviting him with my wet pussy. He lubricated his condom-wrapped dick further by rubbing the tip against my wet clit.

CK stuck his dick inside me, causing me to expel a loud moan. I wrapped my legs around his back as he placed his elbows beside me. We continued to kiss passionately as he started thrusting his rock-hard dick in and out of me. With such a well-built body, he had tremendous control over his hips and abs. The thrusting motion combined with his hip-movement sent orgasmic pleasures to my clit and g-spot all. I clawed at his back in ecstasy, moaning loudly for him to fuck me harder.

He raised his upper body and grabbed hold of my ankles, spreading them wide open. I felt my pussy stretching out, as his dick continued to slide in and out of me. I loved being spread out like that. My left hand unconsciously lowered to my clit and started rubbing it as he pounded me. Watching him thrust his body at my helpless pussy was driving me wild.

His thrusts were getting harder and harder. His face was in full ecstasy as I knew he was close to cumming. Seeing how turned on he was made me super horny as well. I reached out to grab anything I could hold as I came, squirting my pussy juice at him, pushing his dick out of my pussy. That seemed to turn him on even more as he resumed his hard thrusting.

CK did not like to cum in a condom. But I also did not want him to cum inside me. With his rapid thrusting, I knew he would not be able to last any longer.

“Yes, Hannah… your pussy feels so good. I wanna cum all over you, baby…”

I screamed out in pleasure with his continued pounding. With a few more strokes, he pulled out his dick, and removed the condom. He stroked his hard cock with his right hand as he shot his huge load of cum all over my stomach and breasts. Damn, he must have not have cum for a long time.

He climbed off and handed me a towel. After wiping off the cum, I decided to take a quick shower, where he joined me. He played around with my big breasts, soaping my body all over. We shared some long passionate kisses in the shower, but I had to return back to work, or else Jake would be upset.

After the shower, I got dressed but my G-string was stained with my wetness. I kept it in my handbag and decided to go commando for the rest of the day.