Weekend Business Trip…

The business trip last weekend was a short but enjoyable one. Jake and I only had 2 business meetings, but they were extremely important. Negotiations were tense, but amicable. Watching Jake at work is a joy. His finesse at handling aggression and sheer intellect is a huge turn-on for me. During various points during our meetings, my mind could not help wander into thinking what he would do after he saw me in the outfits that I picked out for him.

I am sure he would think that the money was well spent. I got sexy monokini for our sexy time in the pool while the black deep-V bodycon dress was for dinner. I really love how both outfits accentuated my assets. Getting Jake’s approval for these outfits pleased me as well. I am glad he agreed that I brought my A-game.

Having been in our tense meeting, I could not wait to get into take a dip in our private hotel room pool to release some stress. I also couldn’t wait to get into the monokini that I got for Jake. I quickly slipped out of my office wear and heels as soon as I got to our suite. Jake was a little surprised at my eagerness to get naked. Within seconds, I was already in my black bra and matching thong. Jake just gave me one of his mischievous stares without saying a word. I unhooked my bra and slid off my thong and escaped into the room as he removed his jacket.

I emerged a couple of minutes later in my white swimwear and Jake was already in his boxers standing at the room door. I guess he could not wait to release some steam either. He admired my ample bosom for a couple of seconds before pulling my waist close to him. Looks like I was not going to make it to the pool.

As he kissed me on the lips, he ran his fingers straight down my exposed spine, sending tingling sensations throughout my body. He slid his left hand into the bottom of my swimsuit and caressed my ass as he continued to kiss me passionately. Feeling his tongue in my mouth was making me wet. He is an amazing kisser. One of the best I have had.

Just as I was swooning from all the passionate kissing, Jake broke our locked lips and started focusing his attention on my neck. I really love neck kisses. They drive me wild. He gently nibbled at my neck and licked upwards towards my ear. Listening to his hot breath in my ear as he nibbled it was making my knees weak.

One of the things that I really admired about Jake is that he always took his time. He was never in a rush to stick his dick inside me. I think he sensed my weakening knees. He pushed me against the wall for support and lifted my arms over my head and pinned them there. He continued to enjoy licking every inch of my chest and peeled my swimsuit apart to gain access to my already hard nipples.

With each lick and suck on my nipples, I let out a quiet moan, asking him for more. He gave equal attention to both breasts, licking them carefully, wetting them with his saliva while twirling my other nipple with his fingers. My moans grew louder as I could feel my pre-cum wetting my pussy lips.

I could see the bulge underneath his boxers. Thinking about his rock hard dick turned me on even more. He pulled down my swimsuit below my waist and let it drop to the floor without even lifting his mouth from my nipples. I grabbed his hair tightly with my moans growing increasingly louder.

I reached downward and stroked his erect penis over his boxers. Boy, was he hard. Jake ordered me to take off his boxers. I kneeled down and slid them off his waist, kissing his muscular abs on the way down. As I reached his big hard dick, I recalled my punishment just yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed having him shove his dick in and out of my mouth.

I took as much of his 8 inch dick into my mouth as I could. And sucked in it like a popsicle. I started sliding my head up and down his dick, making him moan in pleasure. It makes.me horny when I give Jake pleasure. I was determined to make him explode all over my face again. As he was getting close he pulled my head out and stopped me.

He held his monster cock in his right hand and gave a couple of slaps on my cheek. He guided me to the bed and pinned my hands down above my head before tying them up to the bed posts.

I knew I was in for trouble as he proceeded to blindfold me and spread my legs wide. Being at his mercy made my pussy juices flow. He went straight to work by licking away at my clit and pussy slit. Every so often, he would dart his skillful tongue into my hole and this would make me moan loudly. The intense licking was driving me wild, as I instinctively tried to press my legs together.

Jake forcefully pinned my thighs down and kept licking up and down my slit and sometimes all the way down to my anus. It felt freaking amazing. I was quivering uncontrollably after a few more good licks on my clit. I screamed out in sheer pleasure as Jake slurped up my pussy juices.

Before I could recover my senses, I felt the thick tip of Jake’s penis pressing against my doors of heaven. He was toying with me, sliding the tip in and withdrawing it. With each stroke inside my pussy, he went just a little bit deeper. Even blindfolded, I could tell Jake was smiling at how helpless I was. He wanted me to beg for his big dick.

My loud moans invited him to maintain a steady rhythm. Jake lifted my ankles above his shoulders and my butt along with him to give himself full access into my pussy. I could feel the shaft of his full hard-on rubbing on my g-spot. I can’t believe I was about to cum again.

Jake continued to pound my pussy with his balls slapping against my butt cheeks. Hearing the sound of our genitals smacking against each other put me over the top. I screamed out to Jake that he was gonna make me cum so hard. This made him pound me even faster. The intense sliding of his dick in and out of my pussy made me scream even louder.

“Aaaahhh… aaaahhh… Jake… you’re gonna make me cum!!!”

As I screamed those words, Jake unloaded his entire load of hot jizz into my pussy. Feeling his body tense up and his dick all the way inside me made me squirt all over his dick in ecstasy. Jake slumped himself on top of me and kissed me in appreciation as he removed my bonds and blindfold.

We continued to kiss as we regained our strength. In a few minutes, Jake was ready for Round 2. This time he flipped me over my stomach and fucked me doggy style. With continuous smacking and pounding from behind, Jake gave me another orgasm.

I was well spent after that. We decided to take a shower together before dinner and Jake fucked me there once again. This time he came but I didn’t. I got dressed in the revealing black bodycon that I bought and went to a nice Japanese restaurant for dinner.

I thought of just passing out after dinner but Jake had other plans. He fucked me again doggy style, but this time at the balcony where everyone could hear us. That was such a turn on. After giving me another orgasm, he brought me into the room again for one more round in my favorite position, cowgirl. I rode him wildly until we both came together. Normally I would continue, but I was really too exhausted. I passed out naked on top of Jake with his dick inside me.

All in all, I would say that was a productive working weekend.

Mixing Pleasure with Business…

I have been excited all week ever since Jake (my boss) informed me that I will be traveling with him on a business trip this weekend. We are going to Singapore for a bunch of meetings. As his personal aide, I am needed to be by his side almost always. Traveling with him has always been eventful.

First and foremost, let me introduce the Boss. He is a young (mid-30s) CEO of a start-up company that I work in. A very ambitious and sort of workaholic person. But he plays almost as hard as he works. To maintain his energy level throughout his busy days, he naturally keeps a healthy body. He is not buffed like a gym rat, but he is noticeably fit and has a 6-pack, with very toned muscles. Needless to say, a hot and successful businessman makes my pussy juices flow. It was one of the reasons I decided to work for him as his personal aide. Apart from wanting to work in an energetic start-up environment full of young ambitious people, of course.

In our last trip to Singapore, we had more than our fair share of excitement. During these business trips, we usually had some down time in the evenings and I bought a new set of bikini just for Jake’s viewing pleasure.

After a full day of challenging business meetings, I told Jake that I needed to release some stress and will go chill in the private jacuzzi at our suite. Even though I usually booked 2 rooms for our travels to avoid suspicion, Jake always insisted that I stay in his room with him. I invited him to join me in the jacuzzi but he said he had to reply to a bunch of emails and may join me later. I went to the room and put on my new pair of bikinis and stopped by his work table to give him a peck on the cheek and asked if he was sure if he didn’t want to join me.

He resisted, but I could see the growing bulge in his pants as he stared down my cleavage. I quickly left him wanting more and headed out to the patio. I sat there in the warm bath for a good 15 minutes before Jake came outside in his briefs. I could see his 8-inch dick tenting up his pants. Knowing that he must have been imagining me in my bikini made me horny. Before he stepped into the jacuzzi to join me, he pulled down his briefs and his thick hard dick sprung into view.

I love the view of his clean shaven pubic area. It made his dick look like a monster. Imagining the big hard dick sliding in and out of my pussy makes me dizzy. He quickly slid into the warm water right beside me. Before I could open my mouth to say anything, he put his index finger to my lips and said that we have done enough talking for the day during our meetings. No more talking. I could see he could not wait to tear the bikini off my D-cups. He leaned in and started kissing me roughly, just the way I like it. I like a man who knows what he wants and isn’t shy to take it.

I climbed on top of his lap to get into a more comfortable position. He grabbed my ass with both his hands and pulled me close to him. My breasts were firmly pressed against his muscular chest as we continued to kiss passionately. Jake moved his palms to my breasts and gave them a good tight squeeze. I let out a loud moan as my breathing became faster. I could feel his erect dick pressing against my pussy through my bikini bottom. I slide my body up and down, rubbing the tip of his penis, teasing him. His eyes showed that he could not wait to fuck me.

He pulled off the string of my bikini top and started sucking on my hard nipples. I leaned back to give him full access and happily lapped up both my breasts with his well-trained tongue. I could not hold back my loud moans. I whispered into his ear “I want you to fuck me from behind, hard…”

Jake doesn’t need me to ask twice. He grabbed on my ass and told me to hang on. He lifted me out of the jacuzzi and carried me towards the bedroom as we continued to kiss. I was impressed by how strong he was, but this was not unexpected. He threw me onto the bed and jumped on top of me. He continued to suck on my nipples as he pinned my wrists down. I love a man who wants to be in control. He continued to lick downwards and proceeded to slide my bikini bottom down towards my ankles.

I kicked the bottom off and he immediately spread my thighs wide open. My clean shaved pussy was at his mercy. I was visibly wet and he continued to use his masterful tongue to pleasure all my sensitive areas. He nibbled a little at my inner thighs before diving into my clit. I don’t even know what technique he was using, but his continuous licking and sucking was making me scream.

“Jake, stop toying with me and fuck me”. He continued to impress me with his strength as he easily flipped me over my tummy. He grabbed my waist and pulled my ass up as he positioned his dick right at the entrance of my pussy.

“You sure you can handle this, you little whore?” he said as he stroked the tip of his penis up and down my pussy lips.

In the midst of my moaning, I could not even muster an answer before he shoved all 8 inches of his dick inside my tight pussy. Luckily I was wet enough, or else I was sure that monster dick was going to tear something. Jake started pounding on my pussy. I was right. He could no longer wait to fuck me. I could hear my pussy juices squishing as he slid his dick in and out of me. His rhythmic pounding was just the right pace. He made it clear he was in no rush to cum. But I could not hold out much longer as my body convulsed uncontrollably while I came.

He turned me over and lifted me on to his lap and started fucking me cowgirl style. I wrapped my arms around him, almost as if holding for dear life. He guided my ass and hips as I rode up and down his rock hard cock.

Jake was a real master at pleasuring all my right spots. I could feel his tongue on my breasts while his dick was rubbing on my g-spot. He had made me squirt once before, but it rarely happens. This time, I could feel my tension building up in my bladder. I knew I was going to squirt if he kept this up.

I was growing increasingly louder and this made Jake quicken his pace. He was moaning louder too. I felt his body tense up and he let out a loud moan before he shot his load inside my pussy. After a few more strokes, I felt my pussy juices squirt out all over his lap as I had my second orgasm that night.

I almost passed out from the giddiness of this amazing session. But we were late for our dinner reservation. As I got up to clean up, he gave a big smack on my bare ass and said, “This isn’t over”.

I quickly put on a tight bodycon dress without wearing any bra and panties for dinner. Jake didn’t comment on my dress, but he smiled as he approved the hard nipples visible through my black dress. After our dinner, we went back up to his room and had a glass of wine. The combination of the smell of sex that we had that evening and the wine made me horny again. We continued our hardcore fucking and Jake came 2 more times while I had 3 more orgasms that night.

That was our last business trip together a month ago. I can’t wait to see what he has in store. He gave me RM500 allowance and told me to surprise him with an outfit for this weekend. I packed a little something something for the trip to surprise Boss. But more on this next week!