Feeling Naughty…

Woke up this morning not feeling particularly sexy. But it is Casual Friday at work. I decided to go with a simple cotton deep V (which of my clothes is not deep V?) and a pair of tight pants that accentuated my ass. Perhaps, I may chance upon some excitement at work.

Jake is away on business meetings, so the office would be pretty uneventful. There was this cute guy, Chuck, from IT that I saw fixing one of my colleague’s computers the other day. I decided to call him over to have some fun. I emailed him that I was having some trouble with getting the formulas right on my spreadsheet. I was wondering if he could come over when he had some time.

Who could resist such a request from a hot damsel in distress? Within 1 minute, he was at my desk. His lean and boney features barely held his oversized T-shirt. What I liked about him was that he carried himself confidently, unlike most of the other shy IT guys.

When he approached my desk, he tried to engage in small talk, and I was surprised by his choice of humor. But we soon got down to business. I showed him my spreadsheets and explains my predicament to him. As he bent over my shoulder to look at my screen, I knew that he could look down my top and my D cups only partially supported by my black lace bra.

He awkwardly tried to focus on explaining my “errors” while catching a glimpse or two at my cleavage. I encouraged him by asking more questions and nonchalantly let my left elbow slide outside of my arm and against his thigh. He flinched at my touch, but as I continued to rent my arm against his thighs, he pretended not to notice and continued working his magic on my computer.

I adjusted myself in my seat and allows my elbow to graze his groin area. He pretended not to notice. But I could feel he was semi hard. After he fixed my formulas, he stood back up proudly and smiled.

I thanked him with a gentle touch on his arm and said “I will have to make you come more often”. Hopefully this encounter will give him something to wank off to. And perhaps, I will get to have some office excitement in the coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Naughty…

  1. ed December 4, 2016 / 1:12 pm

    I wanna apply that IT job!!!


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