Friday Lunch Quickie…

I am happy that it is Friday again. Decided to go with a boat-neck top that is guaranteed to draw lustful stares. But Jake is not going to be available tonight as he has some social business function that he has to attend.

I decided to make my own plans. I texted CK in the morning about dinner plans. He proposed to have lunch instead. Honestly, I thought that we were going to just have lunch. I haven’t seen him in a while, mainly due to my fully packed schedule. Plus, I think all this fucking is taking the toll on me.

But it is Friday, and I need a dose of orgasm (or two). Jake was not going to satisfy me tonight. So I texted the next best thing. I call him CK because he wears Calvin Klein boxers all the time. At least every time when I remove his pants. CK was a rebel from a wealthy family. While he works in his family’s business, he probably does nothing there because he is the boss’ son.

That is why he can play hokey on a Friday afternoon to come hang out with me. We met up at our regular cafe, but it was surprisingly quiet today. The nice thing about CK is that he was extremely pleasant to look at. His hair was always somewhat messy but in a cute way, and his smile was sweet and dashing. He also wore very nice cologne and dressed sharply. He always began our meetings with a compliment on my dress, which is arousing because he notices that I put in the effort.

We hit it off like old times even though we haven’t spoken for weeks. By that, I meant he was his usual flirty self. And I reciprocated by touching his arm when he told a funny joke. Maybe it was because I had no plans for Friday night, but I gave CK a doe-eyed look that said, “I want you inside me”.

I knew he would never be able to resist. He quickly took care of the bill and we headed up (the cafe was located inside a hotel) to a room. He held my hand as we walked to the room.

After entering the door behind me, he immediately bolted the door and grabbed me from behind. He kissed my neck as he fondled my breasts. CK spun me around and pressed me against the door as he forced his lips onto mine. I welcomed his tongue in my mouth by returning his sensual licks. I could feel my pussy getting wet as his hardon pressed against me.

He lifted my lacey dress and started to rub my clit against my white G-string. Upon realizing I was wearing a G-string, his eyes widened with lust. He deftly pried my panties aside and entered my wet hole with one finger. CK went straight for my g-spot and rubbed against it slowly, making my thighs quiver.

Without me realizing, he had already unzipped the back of my dress. With a quick slight of hand, he unhooked my strapless bra and my boobs sprung out against his chest. I was taken by surprise a little, but he peeled my dress off my shoulders and exposed my waiting breasts.

He lowered his licks down my neck and towards my nipples while he put another finger inside me. His aggression in toying with my body, coupled with my back pinned against the wall kept my juices flowing. With each thrust of his fingers into my pussy, I let out a moan and bumped my ass against the door.

Anyone outside our door could judge by the rhythm of the banging on the door that we were having a good time. I pulled his T-shirt off his back to reveal his stunning body. I ran my fingers all over his well chiseled chest and abs as he continued to make me moan heavily with his fingering.

He returned to hiss my lips and placed my hand on his bulging groin. I rubbed against the length of his hard cock underneath his pants. CK had an average sized penis, but he really knew how to use it. I unzipped his pants and revealed the familiar Calvin Klein wordings on his boxers. His erect penis was tenting up his boxers. I could see a wet spot at the tip of his dick, which must have been his pre-cum.

CK pushed my dress down to the floor, along with my wet G-string, revealing the entirety of my sexy body to him. He grabbed my butt and pulled me close to him and lifted me. I hopped onto him, wrapping my arms and legs around him. He carried me to the bed and dropped me. He quickly slid down his boxers, allowing his dick to spring into action.

He automatically put on a condom, as I always insisted for him. He usually goes for the extra-lubricated, ultra-thin type, which doesn’t really feel too artificial inside me. After he put on the condom, I spread my legs, inviting him with my wet pussy. He lubricated his condom-wrapped dick further by rubbing the tip against my wet clit.

CK stuck his dick inside me, causing me to expel a loud moan. I wrapped my legs around his back as he placed his elbows beside me. We continued to kiss passionately as he started thrusting his rock-hard dick in and out of me. With such a well-built body, he had tremendous control over his hips and abs. The thrusting motion combined with his hip-movement sent orgasmic pleasures to my clit and g-spot all. I clawed at his back in ecstasy, moaning loudly for him to fuck me harder.

He raised his upper body and grabbed hold of my ankles, spreading them wide open. I felt my pussy stretching out, as his dick continued to slide in and out of me. I loved being spread out like that. My left hand unconsciously lowered to my clit and started rubbing it as he pounded me. Watching him thrust his body at my helpless pussy was driving me wild.

His thrusts were getting harder and harder. His face was in full ecstasy as I knew he was close to cumming. Seeing how turned on he was made me super horny as well. I reached out to grab anything I could hold as I came, squirting my pussy juice at him, pushing his dick out of my pussy. That seemed to turn him on even more as he resumed his hard thrusting.

CK did not like to cum in a condom. But I also did not want him to cum inside me. With his rapid thrusting, I knew he would not be able to last any longer.

“Yes, Hannah… your pussy feels so good. I wanna cum all over you, baby…”

I screamed out in pleasure with his continued pounding. With a few more strokes, he pulled out his dick, and removed the condom. He stroked his hard cock with his right hand as he shot his huge load of cum all over my stomach and breasts. Damn, he must have not have cum for a long time.

He climbed off and handed me a towel. After wiping off the cum, I decided to take a quick shower, where he joined me. He played around with my big breasts, soaping my body all over. We shared some long passionate kisses in the shower, but I had to return back to work, or else Jake would be upset.

After the shower, I got dressed but my G-string was stained with my wetness. I kept it in my handbag and decided to go commando for the rest of the day.