22 Questions (…and some answers)

I know a lot of you guys have PM-ed me, and some of you have even approached my on Google Hangout to chat. Many of you have shown deep interest in my sexual preferences and characteristics. So I have compiled a list of most frequently asked questions so that I can save myself the hassle of answering them when you chat with me 😉

1. What is your favorite position?

I kinda want to say doggy, but I hate to be a stereotype. So I am going to say that I love getting pounded in front of a mirror doggy-style.


2. Do you prefer to spit or swallow?

If it tastes bad, always spit. But I find it hard to predict how it will taste before the guys cum. So I generally try to coerce the guys to cum on my face. They usually don’t mind, or sometimes even prefer it. 

3. Have you had a threesome?

Yes, several times. Only with 2 girls and 1 guy. Never with 2 guys. 

4. Have you had sex in public?

More often than I dare to admit. I started early in boarding school, where there was no privacy. 

5. Where is the most kinky place you have had sex in?

Tough call. The most public place I have had sex in was at a rooftop, but I can’t say that was the most kinky because it was mostly too hot and uncomfortable. So, I would say the most kinky place was the music room in boarding school. My ex and I did it several times in the music room and there was always risk of getting caught, which made it exciting at the time. 

6. When was your first time and how was it?

In secondary school, and it hurt like a bitch. To top it off, we had to clean the sheets from all that blood. 

7. Do you cum easily when you have sex?

No real basis to compare. I would say that the first orgasm is a bit hard, but once I get going, it’s hard to stop. Usually I cum at least 3 times. 

8. Do you squirt?

Not often. Usually I squirt if I use my trusty dildo. Very rarely from sex. 

9. How big are your boobs?


10. Have you ever gone out in commando?


11. What is the most number of times you can cum during sex?

Oh man… I lost count, but I think it was about 16-17 times over a 24-hour marathon. I was having sex on and off from 8 pm until 4 am. 

12. Are you clean shaved or waxed?

Shaved. Too much of a pussy to wax.


13. How many boyfriends have you had?

Real boyfriends… 3

14. What is the biggest dick you have taken?

Around 8 inches.

15. Do you wear panties when you go to work?

I only wear g-strings. 


16. Do you like BDSM?

I like being tied up occasionally, but I don’t like being hurt. I can handle some spanking on my butt, but I generally fear pain. 

17. Have you tried anal?

Yes, but read the above. I fear pain. Tried it, never again.

18. Do you like rough or sensual sex?

I like to think that sex is more mental than physical. If I get a lot of mental foreplay beforehand, I am good to go for some rough sex. In the absence of foreplay, I prefer some buildup. 

19. Have you done a strip tease before?

Yes 🙂

20. Do you like to give blowjobs?

Love it!

21. Have you tried group sex?

Maximum is a threesome, and I already find that overwhelming. 

22. Have you ever tried double penetration?



Q&A Offer

Some of you have asked me a lot of questions and I am having trouble responding to you guys one by one. I would like to give the opportunity to everyone to ask away. Perhaps, I will compile all the questions and answer them in a post in the future.

Do submit your questions in the comments, or if you are shy, drop me an email at hannahxbaby90@gmail.com.

In the mean time, have a good week ahead and hope you do not have any Monday blues!