22 Questions (…and some answers)

I know a lot of you guys have PM-ed me, and some of you have even approached my on Google Hangout to chat. Many of you have shown deep interest in my sexual preferences and characteristics. So I have compiled a list of most frequently asked questions so that I can save myself the hassle of answering them when you chat with me 😉

1. What is your favorite position?

I kinda want to say doggy, but I hate to be a stereotype. So I am going to say that I love getting pounded in front of a mirror doggy-style.


2. Do you prefer to spit or swallow?

If it tastes bad, always spit. But I find it hard to predict how it will taste before the guys cum. So I generally try to coerce the guys to cum on my face. They usually don’t mind, or sometimes even prefer it. 

3. Have you had a threesome?

Yes, several times. Only with 2 girls and 1 guy. Never with 2 guys. 

4. Have you had sex in public?

More often than I dare to admit. I started early in boarding school, where there was no privacy. 

5. Where is the most kinky place you have had sex in?

Tough call. The most public place I have had sex in was at a rooftop, but I can’t say that was the most kinky because it was mostly too hot and uncomfortable. So, I would say the most kinky place was the music room in boarding school. My ex and I did it several times in the music room and there was always risk of getting caught, which made it exciting at the time. 

6. When was your first time and how was it?

In secondary school, and it hurt like a bitch. To top it off, we had to clean the sheets from all that blood. 

7. Do you cum easily when you have sex?

No real basis to compare. I would say that the first orgasm is a bit hard, but once I get going, it’s hard to stop. Usually I cum at least 3 times. 

8. Do you squirt?

Not often. Usually I squirt if I use my trusty dildo. Very rarely from sex. 

9. How big are your boobs?


10. Have you ever gone out in commando?


11. What is the most number of times you can cum during sex?

Oh man… I lost count, but I think it was about 16-17 times over a 24-hour marathon. I was having sex on and off from 8 pm until 4 am. 

12. Are you clean shaved or waxed?

Shaved. Too much of a pussy to wax.


13. How many boyfriends have you had?

Real boyfriends… 3

14. What is the biggest dick you have taken?

Around 8 inches.

15. Do you wear panties when you go to work?

I only wear g-strings. 


16. Do you like BDSM?

I like being tied up occasionally, but I don’t like being hurt. I can handle some spanking on my butt, but I generally fear pain. 

17. Have you tried anal?

Yes, but read the above. I fear pain. Tried it, never again.

18. Do you like rough or sensual sex?

I like to think that sex is more mental than physical. If I get a lot of mental foreplay beforehand, I am good to go for some rough sex. In the absence of foreplay, I prefer some buildup. 

19. Have you done a strip tease before?

Yes 🙂

20. Do you like to give blowjobs?

Love it!

21. Have you tried group sex?

Maximum is a threesome, and I already find that overwhelming. 

22. Have you ever tried double penetration?



Christmas Special – Part 1

I know I have been away for an extended period of time and I thank all of you for still visiting my blog! Rest assured that I didn’t disappear into thin air. This is a relatively old post, which I had typed out but didn’t get a chance to finish it. Hope you enjoy!

On Christmas Eve, my company had a Christmas Party and I was appointed the event coordinator. The company had decided to hold the event at a 5-star hotel and all staff were invited.

Being the person who negotiated the package for the event at the hotel, I was obviously comp-ed a suite at the hotel and I made it a point to put it to good use that night. Throughout the night, I was busy making sure that the logistics were carried out as planned and had to keep the alcohol flowing for the guests. However, every so often, I did catch Chuck (the IT guy) staring at me in my short bodycon dress.

I knew he must not have been able to stop thinking about our encounter a few weeks ago. He had caught a glimpse of my cleavage, and I had “accidentally” grazed his semi-hard dick with my elbow when he was helping me out with my computer. I went over to him to have a casual chit chat. He was visibly uncomfortable and I could see he was trying to hide his semi-hard-on while sitting on the bar-stool. I placed my hand on his thigh and stroked towards his knee and whispered to him suggestively that if he waited until the end of the night, he could have a surprise in store for him. Then I went back to work.

At around 12.30 am, the crowd started to die down and I could still see Chuck faithfully waiting by the balcony. I approached him and asked if he had a good time. He was a little tipsy, so he was not hiding the fact that he was staring right down my cleavage, even though we were overlooking a wonderful view of the city skyline late at night.

I was leaning against the railing, while he continued to face the night view, his hands resting on the railing. I saw that he was still semi-hard, and must have been holding it there the entire night, thinking of the nasty things he would do to me. I reached over to his crotch and started caressing him over his pants. His manhood immediately responded to the call to action. His bulge grew exponentially and to my pleasant surprise, he felt huge!

He placed his left hand over my waist and took a step closer. I continued to toy with his junk for a few minutes, stroking it over his pants as he closed his eyes in pleasure. I unzipped him and pulled his big dick out of his boxers. Damn, it felt like it was at least 8 inches . I wrapped my fingers around his thick girth around the base and stroked all the way up to the tip. I slowly moved up hand up and down his shaft while gripping tightly. His breathing quickened, and I told him that he better not do anything as there were still people around.

I continued to masturbate him, his dick pointing out towards the city nightlights. His dick was in fact, poking out of the vertical bars of the balcony. I felt excited at the thought of making him cum from the rooftop of the hotel all the way down to the ground. I stroked him faster and faster as he tried to contain his moans. I spit on my hands to wet it and started to rapidly pump his dick up and down.

He could not help himself and started to grab my right breast tightly with his hand as he approached ecstasy. I whispered into his ear and instructed him to cum for me over the balcony. My tiny hand continued to slide up and down his thick cock easily after adding my saliva. The thought of blowing his load from the rooftop must have excited him too as I felt his grip on my breast go rigid before his body started to convulse. I saw him empty his load over the rooftop as his white jizz dropped all the way down towards the ground, disappearing from our view.

He smiled and thanked me. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips, and told him that this is just Round 1. I told him to get dressed and follow me to my suite and to get ready for the real fun part.

To be continued…

Boring Wednesday

It’s been a very dry couple of days. Work has kept me busy, and none of my sugar daddies needed my company. I had to take matters into my own hands. I was feeling extremely horny because I have not had an orgasm since last Friday.

Dressing up in lace and silk always gets my juices flowing. Today, I decided to go with my lavender baby doll and a matching silk robe. I stripped down from my over-sized t-shirt and admired my ample bosom in the mirror. Then, I slowly put on my sexy lingerie. Even as I was putting it on, I could feel myself getting aroused.

I laid back on to the bed and got comfortable. It has been a while since I had sex with Jake. Seeing him in the office daily and imagining taking his dick inside my tight wet pussy was left me wanting.

Jake loved toying with my pussy. I took out trusty my pink rabbit and started to slide it up and down the slit of my moist pussy. It felt like Jake’s dick was teasing the outsides of my pussy. I turned on the switch and boy, the vibration felt good. The soft vibrations were muffled by my pussy lips as I pressed the vibrating tip against my clit. My pussy was growing increasingly wet with my pre-cum.

I sneaked the tip of the vibrator in, just like how Jake would normally tease me. Sliding the tip in and out of my pussy just made my craving for dick a lot worse. I could no longer wait to take Jake’s big dick inside me. I slid the vibrator all the way in, putting the rabbit in contact with my clit as the vibrating tip massaged my g-spot. The combined pleasures was bringing me to heaven.

Thrusting the vibrator in and out of me quickly made it feel like Jake was pounding me missionary style. I steadied the quick thrusts and raised my hips to meet the vibrator as I slid it in. I was really getting worked up with the constant thrusting. With the dual pleasures of the rabbit against my clit and the vibrating tip against my g-spot, I could feel the pressure against my bladder as my orgasm drew near. I stuck the rabbit all the way in again and held it against my clit. I was going crazy with all the pleasuring and within a few seconds, I squirted out onto the vibrator and the bed.

Surely, after such a long dry spell, one orgasm was not going to be enough. I turned around with my face on the bed, positioning myself for penetration doggy-style. I continued to pleasure myself my sliding the rabbit in and out of me from behind. I love getting fucked by Jake from behind. Fantasizing about Jake pounding me from behind made me moan loudly.

I was ready to squirt again with the continuous thrusting of the pink dildo. I grabbed my left breast and squeezed it over my lingerie. I felt the hard nipples over the baby doll and started rubbing them in between my finger tips. I started to lose all conscious thought as my mind just wandered into fantasy land where Jake continued to pleasure me from behind.

I pressed the rabbit against my clit once again and the strong vibrations sent pleasures throughout my body. My body completely tensed up and without any warning, my knees buckled as I had a second super orgasm for the night. I laid down in bed with the vibrator still in my pussy.

The two orgasms tonight was amazing and I promised myself that I am not going to wait this long again before letting Jake fuck me. No amount of masturbation is going to beat the feeling of a hot muscular body sweating against my big breasts as my pussy gets pounded. I made a mental note to make sure I get some dick inside my pussy this weekend. Damn, it has been a dry week.