The Day I Got Kicked Out…

In the midst of supporting this worldwide healthcare crisis, I wish to do my part in easing the boredom of those who have to stay home.

I, myself, am forced to work from home, and have very limited opportunities to mix pleasure with business these days.

However, a few months ago, before pretty much the entire world was on lockdown (so to speak), I had the opportunity to do something naughty, but I was caught in a very bad way. As such, I am still paying for the consequences.

One of the reasons that I have not been updating my blog was because I had been more or less seeing someone. We were not exactly dating, but we did live together with some kind of an unspoken understanding (I stayed over at his place at Bukit Timah). The understanding was simple – Mike (let’s call him that) and I lusted after each other. We enjoyed fucking each other so much that we decided to make it “permanent”.

There were weekends when we would have sex all the way into the morning, and slept all the way til night. Only to refuel with takeout before resuming for round two (or 12), depending on who was keeping count.

But all that came crashing down a few months ago when I could not keep my pussy in my pants. Some of you who have been chatting with me know this already, but I have not really shared the details. Some of you have asked for all the details of what happened, and I have been coy about it. Well, since you guys are now stuck at home, with only your right hand and your dick to keep yourselves entertained, this is the story:


Mike had been working late all week, and that meant that our sex was reduced to quickies and blowjobs. On Wednesday, after I sucked him off, he fell asleep within 5 minutes, which left me soaking wet and partially frustrated. I understood why he was so tired – but I was forced to literally take matters into my own hands.

So the arrival of the weekend got me all excited because I had been looking forward to a hard, long fuck the entire week. It was not because Mike was always packing an 8-inch pleasure stick, it was how he always took his time to rock my socks off when he fucked me. Some might say, he got me addicted to his dick.

At about 5 pm, he texted me and said that he was going to have to pull an all-nighter – something about how his project needed to be closed by the following Monday. I was infuriated. I called Jin (my bitching buddy), who had a wicked sense of humor that always seemed to be able to distract me from the worst of times.

P/S: Jin was also my ex in junior college.

I invited Jin over for some drinks to keep me company, and hopefully, something more. Jin was a nerdy kid back in college. He made nerdy sarcastic jokes that made me laugh until I snorted. I enjoyed his company. I still do. But after almost 10 years, I wasn’t sure if things were going to be the same.

If there was one thing that I admired about Jin, it was that he was always punctual and gentlemanly. Within 15 minutes, he was at Mike’s place (where I was staying). It was either something in my voice that showed I needed him, or perhaps he needed me.

Jin was never one who cared about his appearances or what others thought of him. I was shocked when I opened the door for him, because not only did he clean up good, he smelled wonderful. Maybe I was horny, but the whiff of minty/manly cologne that smelled a bit like lime aftershave somehow just made pussy moist.

I tried to hide my arousal while I hugged him – to take a much closer whiff of that clean cool aroma. We let the embrace linger, as it reminded us of old times – with my hands around his neck and his around my waist. Behind his big brown eyes, I could see that part of him just wanted to lift my top off my head and ravage me. Plus, I could feel his hard-on pressing against my pelvic region.

Being horny as hell, I wanted the night to last. It was not going to end with a quickie, so I took my time. Ordinarily, I would have peeled his jeans down and started taking his cock in my mouth. Without taking my gaze from his eyes, I moved my right hand from behind his ear, tracking down his neck, down his toned chest and finally arriving at his raging pole. I said: “Well… someone really came up fast”

He smiled shyly, partly due to the fact he has a girlfriend, but also because he may have felt a tiny bit embarrassed that his huge dick was tenting his shorts. With my heavy breathing near his ear, I whispered that I am not letting him leave until I got to suck his cum dry. I unzipped his shorts and pulled his dick out of his boxers. It was as big and thick as I remembered, if not bigger.

He let is hands caress my butt while I stroked his member from the base to the tip. He was hiding his arousal well with his poker face, but his throbbing dick gave it away. We finally kissed – his familiar lips locking with mine. The familiarity was bringing back memories of the best fucks I’ve had. I wanted him bad, but I also wanted the night to last. 

He reached under my boyfriend T, and cupped my butt cheeks, signalling me to hop on as he planned to move to a more comfortable location. I wrapped my arms around him as he lifted me up. His hard dick was pressing against my wet panties. He carried me to the sofa and sat down. I straddled him while continuing to kiss him passionately. He pulled my top off, revealing my braless big breasts. He palmed my hard nipples and gave my breasts a good squeeze as I moaned in pleasure.

I had my eyes closed, fully savoring his wet lips on my nipples. I was in cloud nine. I lifted my arms up to give him full access to my boobs. Suddenly, he grabbed my wrists and started tying them with my t shirt. With my wrists now bound together, he threw me face down on the sofa. With one stroke, he pulled my panties down to my ankles and gave a hearty spank on my exposed butt cheek – I let out an excited moan. With that, Jin took it as permission to enter my dripping pussy with his thick cock. He got behind me and wet the tip of his dick with my pussy juices. Without any further warning, he slid his dick all the way inside my pussy, causing me to jerk forward and let out a shriek of pain/pleasure.

He thrust his dick in and out of my pussy at a steady and moderately rapid pace. His hips were continually slapping against my butt, causing my 32D tits to bounce and jiggle. Jin continued to pound me from behind as I moaned and screamed in pleasure. My pussy swallowed his 7 inch dick whole, squeezing his wide girth tightly as it slid in and out of me. Jin, normally a quiet guy, started to talk dirty to me:

“Hannah, you dirty slut… I am going to make you my cum slut.. Cum for me you dirty girl. Cum for daddy…”

This was a welcome change from his usual quietness. I must have been more excited that I thought as I came almost immediately as he continued to berate me as his cum slut. My legs quivering uncontrollably as he grabbed my hips and thrust his dick all the way inside. He rubbed my clit with his fingers as I came, extending my orgasm (or perhaps making me cum twice in a row… hard to tell).

I felt our combined wetness drip down my thighs. Originally, I thought he came inside me. But after he pulled his dick out, he was still rock hard! I realized all the liquid flowing out of my pussy was mostly mine and he had withheld his orgasm from me. I was a tad disappointed he had not cum, but was mostly impressed that he was lasting longer than I imagined.

He held my messy hair and pushed me down on my knees in front of his dick. With such close examination, his dick appeared monstrous. Especially since he maintains a good trim, making it look extremely large in comparison to my mouth. I was not in any doubt what he expected his dirty slut to do next.

He commanded, “Now, I want you to swallow my load like the cum slut that you are”.

Jin pushed my head towards his dick as I opened my mouth obediently, swallowing his dick. His thick cock was stretching my lips and with him pushing his dick all the way inside, I could feel him at the back of my throat. I could barely let out a yelp, as he started to throat-fuck me. He started to let out loud moans of pleasure as I raised my still-tied hands to stroke the base of his dick while I licked and sucked the tip of his cock.

My loud slurping noise was filling the room…

“Daddy, are you going to give me all your cum in my mouth?”. I looked up at him earnestly, wishing for every single drop of his cum.

“You little cum slut, show me that you deserve my cum”.

“Yes daddy, I will do as commanded. I am going to swallow all your cum like a good girl”.

I could feel that he was close to cumming as he grabbed the back of my head with both hands and continued to thrust at my throat faster and faster.

“Yes Hannah, you are gonna make me cum… Keep sucking me”

I obediently sucked on his dick as he slid his saliva-coated dick in and out of me. His body was tensing up, signaling that he was going to explode anytime now.

Surprisingly, he pulled out his dick from my mouth and with 2 full pumps with his right hand, he started spewing hot white cum on my face. The first shot went on my cheek. The subsequent load, a much stronger one, landed on my forehead. I had my eyes closed, but I could sense that he continued to jerk off for another good 10 seconds.

I could feel his cum dripping all over my face and on my boobs.

When Jin was done, he finally exclaimed, “Now, I feel like I have fucked a porn star”, which made me laugh, despite having a face full of cum. 

Note: Not my picture – just an illustration

I led Jin to the bathroom for a shower. He offered his gentlemanly services to soap and clean me up, after completely befouling my face and body. He lathered his hands with body soap and worked his way around his sticky cum. Being allowed to caress my body made him hard again. He cheekily hinted that since my boobs are all soaped up, we should not let it go to waste, as he pointed at his hard-on. 

I got the hint and got into the familiar kneeling position. He carefully placed his hard cock in between my boobs, which I happy squeezed with my big firm tits. As he started sliding up and down, I pressed my hands at the side of my breasts, and synchronized our up and down rhythm. 

He exclaimed that it was starting to feel really good and he doubt he could last much longer. I didn’t want to have to clean up again. There was no other place to cum, so I wrapped my arms and legs around him and let him slide his dick in me. 

“Cum in my pussy, daddy”

He happily obliged as he continued pounding me hard, letting our wet bodies slap against each other while his thick cock slid in and out of me. My screams of pleasure were echo-ing loudly in the cozy bathroom, letting out big “Ahhhhhhs” with each thrust. I grabbed onto his body for dear life as he continued to penetrate my love hole. 

With a few more thrusts, I started cumming, screaming in pleasure, which triggered his orgasm as well. He started convulsing and shot his 2nd load inside my pussy. After that, we finished our cleanup and said our goodbyes with a passionate kiss and long embrace. 

Now that all our “side story” is out of the way, back to the important part, my panties under the sofa. I had totally forgotten about it and fell asleep after the exhausting fuck. So when Mike came back the next morning, the living room smelled like cum and he woke me up to check for the source of the smell. We finally found my panties under the sofa, which exposed my tryst on the previous night. 

Long story short, Mike was furious and kicked me out of his house. I had to move back to my own apartment and we have not spoken to each other since, except when I went back to collect my stuff.